Following “whispers of God,” John King and his wife, Letty, packed up their family in August 1993 and headed from England to America where, for seven years, they served a church in Washington, Illinois. However, that was only the beginning of his adventures in America. Always the visionary, always the pioneer, John began sensing “whispers of God” about starting a new congregation in Peoria, Illinois. Today Riverside occupies what was major theater downtown, with about 1,200 attendees each week. Thanks to John’s leadership, Riverside has come to be highly respected and known throughout the city – among local churches, pastors and civic leaders – as a church dedicated to reaching out to the poor and needy. John’s lifelong goal is to see all people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Recognizing that their family is second only to their relationship to God, John and Letty treasure being Dad and Mum to Andrew (and Teresa), Rachel (and Michael Ritchason) and Sheralee, as well as Granddad and Nana to Ethan, Clay and Joy King; Ella, Liam and Benjamin Ritchason; and Vivian Jeffries. John and Letty both gratefully say, “God has kept our family in the grip of His Grace.”